This Rough Magic

This Rough Magic - Mary Stewart

I'm done.

Done with the book and done with Stewart. 


Her kind of romantic suspense really does not work for me on either romance side or the suspense side of things.


Having read two of her books, I am left with a feeling that her stories are overly contrived, full of snobbery, looking down on people who are different from a specific set of stuck-up upper-middle class English folk, and promoting an ideal of woman that is dated, and that I would have perceived as dated even at the time that the books were written. 


I'm coming away from her books with a sense of regression of ideas and perceptions that, to me, read more like a terrifying vision of dystopia in the way of The Stepford Wives than a state of affairs, romantic or otherwise, that is to be aspired to, or that provides me with any escapist comfort.


It was interesting to try and broaden my horizons and discover a new to me author. I also have to say that Stewart could create an absolutely spectacular sense of place and atmosphere. 

However, I found her characters and story lines just aggravating.


Not for me.



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