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This Rough Magic - Mary Stewart

‘Where is she tonight? Did she know you’d come out?’

‘She’s out with friends at the Corfu Palace. I got a note from her when I got in, and it was too late to join them, so I just stayed home. I … felt kind of blue. We’d had such a lovely day, you and I, I just couldn’t stay in the house, somehow.’

‘Poor Lucy. And then I was foul to you, I’m so sorry. Anybody know where you are?’

The question was casual, almost caressing, and it went off like a fire alarm. I hesitated perhaps a second too long.

‘Miranda was in the house. I told her I was coming out.’

‘To the boat-house?’

‘Well, no. I didn’t know that myself, did I?’

If you're alone on a boat with a man you suspect of being a murderer, you probably do not want to tell him that no one knows where you went.

Lucy is such a dipstick.