Who Spoke Last?

Who Spoke Last?: An Amos Petrie Mystery (Black Heath Classic Crime) - Turner Publishing Company

“I can see that you, too, have suffered,” she exclaimed.

“My God!” thought Amos, “this is going to be another marriage on another bond of grief!”

He introduced a sterner note as he threw the woman off her estimate of his unhappy life.

“I’ve never had a miserable moment in my life,” he said. Then he blushed at the sound of the lie and hastened to add, “Except, of course, for the day, that most unhappy day, when I lost Mary Ann.”

“I knew it,” said the woman.

“Yes,” continued the little man, dreamily, “Mary Ann was the best——”

“So were both my husbands,” she interjected.

“Fishing rod I’ve ever had,” completed Amos.

Mrs. Gertrude Jane Crawley Bedlay clutched her bag, and rose from the chair. She was now in agreement with those who thought Amos could readily be certified—that his freedom was a slight on the Board of Control.

After reading Turner's Below the Clock recently, I simply had to pick up another book by the author. I loved Below the Clock and was delighted to find another delightful mystery starring Amos Petrie, the eccentric and crumpled solicitor in the Public Prosecutor's Department. 


Unlike Below the Clock which was set in Westminster, Who Spoke Last? was set amongst the stock-brokers of the City of London, which was just as nefarious a setting.


I loved the discussion of the different potential motives, especially the way that several suspects are basically left to stab each other in the back before the real culprit - tho none of the suspects are without fault - is revealed. I really loved the structure of the mystery as much as the way that Turner used the book to poke fun at the pretense of respectability and how crooks are also bested by crooks.


Loved it.


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