Below the Clock

Below the Clock - J.V. Turner

THE House of Commons has its moments.

Ascot bends a fashionable knee to hail Gold Cup Day with an elegant genuflection, Henley hesitates between pride and sophistication to welcome the Regatta, Epsom bustles with democratic fervour as Derby day approaches, Cowes bows with dignified grace as curving yachts carve another niche in her temple of fame, Aintree wakens and waves to saints and sinners on Grand National day, and Wimbledon wallows for a week in a racket of rackets.

The House of Commons has its Budget Day …

What a fabulous mystery to read when life calls for some lighthearted, yet clever, diversion. 


The mystery itself tells of the Chancellor of the Exchequer collapsing dead in the House of Commons just when he is about to announce the new budget.


I'm not sure what I loved more, the atmosphere of the story, the lighthearted (yet far from silly) tone of the writing, or the fact that literally every MP is a suspect in the first few chapters. 


I have some issues with the murder method, or rather, the police's suspected substance, but this has in no way jarred my enjoyment of this book. (It might have if the rest of the story had been less well developed.)


Thanks to Tigus for the recommendation. 


(And as this seems to be book # 7 in a series, it seems there are other books by the author to look forward to.)