A Book a Day - Day 8

Im Westen nichts Neues: Roman. Mit Materialien (German Edition) - Erich Maria Remarque Regeneration - Pat Barker



This is a good one because it is a topic I have thought about quite a bit - not just because it is the centenary of WWI but also because I was marveling about why it is that I can only think of a few novels written as a direct result of the experience of WWI.


There are tons and tons of poems but very few novels (at least that I can think of). And surely, for a conflict that encompassed so many nations, there must be more literary works out there than the few I can think of. (I'm not talking about non-fiction or fiction written by authors born decades after the event.)


So, I am really looking forward to everyone else's choices for this.


As for my own choice: I am torn between a work which sought to deal with the first-hand experience of that human catastrophe and a work of fiction based on a number of biographies and historical records and written from the safe distance of another generation - both are compelling reading and both contain passages that still haunt me.


However, Remarque's Im Westen nichts Neues is just so much more significant.