A Book a Day - Day 1

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits - Dave Barry



This was more difficult than I thought. At first I thought, there must be a lot of books that made me laugh out loud and then I looked at my shelves and noticed that most of my favourite books are not funny. Well, not intentionally, anyway.


So, what to pick?


In the end, I decided on the book that provided the best memory about laughing out loud reading. Ellen Degeneres' book came close second because I listened to the audiobook in the car and could hardly contain my focus on the road.


However, the best laugh I had when discovering the writings of Dave Barry. This was quite a few years ago now, but I remember how a friend and I started reading Dave Barry's Greatest Hits - which is a collection of his articles - in a bookshop in the US and attracted some very unwanted attention because we couldn't stop sniggering.