The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo, the Roses of Berlin

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo, The Roses Of Berlin - Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill

For my latest reading adventure, I've picked up a couple of graphic novels - a genre I have largely neglected to explore so far.


Captain Nemo is one of my favourite Jules Verne characters. So, it is no surprise that I'm intrigued by any story that uses the theme of the rogue captain.


This particular treatment was interesting as Nemo here has no similarity with Verne's character - except from having access to a submarine. Btw, this is not a bad thing and I'm not holding it against the book. On the contrary, I like that the LoG Nemo is a standalone character because it makes the original sub-aquatic adventure very distinct from this story - which is rather dull and so laden with cliches that I caught myself thinking "Oh, what tosh!" nearly every three pages.


What I loved about this book: the illustrations are fantastic!