Plötzlich Shakespeare

Plötzlich Shakespeare - David Safier

I'm still catching up on reviews. This is going to be short(ish):


David Safier has a knack for making me laugh out loud at juvenile jokes and slapstick humor. However, I probably would have given up on this book if I hadn't read the first two in this series - which deal with very similar characters in very similar situations, except that no-one is transported back in time and space and has to share a body with William Shakespeare.


I wouldn't say that I have reached the point where a story about a thirty-something Bridget-Jones-type in between relationships is not longer a fluffy fun read. It is. However, this installment involved historical characters and that is where it gets tricky to suspend prior knowledge of the characters: especially when they are so well known as Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Francis Drake.


It was just a bit too much...