Jesus Liebt Mich (Apocalypse Next Tuesday)

Jesus Liebt Mich (German Edition) - David Safier

Sometimes, just sometimes, I need a book that offers pure escapism - without pretending to be anything other than a diversion. Not very deep or challenging or novel - just plain cozy and preferably funny.


David Safier's books are just that - simple fun. So, even though I have little patience for romance novels or religious fiction it was hard not to like the story of thirty-five year old Marie who is jilting her fiance at the altar only to fall for the carpenter repairing her dad's roof.


No, the plot is not what is seems.


If I had to summarise the book I would say it is Good Omens but featuring Bridget Jones and told with the social criticism of Dogma.

This is why I liked it so much. 


N.B. I read the German edition of the book. It was published in English as Apocalypse Next Tuesday, but as with Safier's first book Bad Karma I am not sure that the humor would work well in translation.