Adventures in Greene-land

Stamboul Train - Graham Greene The Confidential Agent - Graham Greene The Human Factor (Vintage Classics) - Graham Greene The Ministry Of Fear - Graham Greene The Comedians - Graham Greene The Honorary Consul (Vintage Classics) - Graham Greene

After reading a couple of books by Graham Greene last year, I have returned to his canon for new reading material. 


As a result, I'm going through a bit of a reviewing slump at the moment, simply because I have been caught off-guard by his books. They have left an impression on me. Now they keep popping back into my head, asking for scenes and aspects to be mulled over again. This is not conducive to writing reviews - I keep changing my mind about them. On the other hand, this is exactly the sort of book I love - the sort of book that is not over and done with on reaching the last page.


So, I bow to the master story-teller as I set off to more adventures in Greene-land.