Anne Donovan - "But"

I read a friend's review over on GR this morning which strongly reminded me of Anne Donovan's book Buddha Da. The review was on Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner and had nothing to with Buddha Da but some of the discussions that sprung from it made me wonder about whether anyone is really able to protect themselves - by whatever means - from the "the temptations, indiscretions, vulgarities, and passionate errors that pester and perturb most of us".


Anyway, I found my old copy of Buddha Da which I Ioved the first time I read it - even though it is written in Glaswegian. It's time for a re-read. 


Just in case anyone wants to know more about Anne Donovan's writing style, the Scottish Book Trust have uploaded a short story she wrote (link is in the header, I think). It might be slightly challenging to read (as it is in Glaswegian) but the audio link may help.