Bringing Down the House

Bringing the House Down - David Profumo

The story of John Profumo, Christine Keeler and Stephen Ward has been in the news again over the past few months following the refusal of the government to release the official records relating to Ward's trial and open further investigation into whether Ward had been a victim to possibly the most publicized miscarriage of justice of the 1960s. To a lesser degree, the recent news coverage has of course also been spurned on by Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest stage production but that is one angle I'll gladly leave to the theatre critics. 


I picked up this memoir after reading the official report on the Profumo scandal that was commissioned by the Prime Minister in 1963. 


David Profumo's memoirs of the events surrounding his fathers resignation do not add much to the information that is already available. It is a nicely written recollection of his childhood but his using a lot name-dropping does not make his story that engaging to read.