Vic Brown Trilogy

A Kind of Loving - Stan Barstow The watchers on the shore - Stan Barstow The Right True End - Stan Barstow

Books have always been a bone of contention between my mother and I - we have never agreed on them. In fact, if I liked a book it is a sure sign that my mother will not pick it up because she knows it will not be her cup of tea. And vice versa. 


9.5 times out of 10 this will be true. This is why it is very special if I read a book on the recommendation of my mother and we both like it.


The Vic Brown trilogy is one of such rarities. 


I read A Kind of Loving a few months ago because I knew my mother loved this book. Shortly after that we met up on a holiday and she brought the other two installments of the series. 


Set in Yorkshire during the late 1950s to early 1960s, the story follows the life of Vic Brown. Vic tries to make a life for himself. He's got a job and meets a girl - and just as he thinks life is going to be alright, he find himself trapped. His girlfriend discovers she's expecting a baby and Vic discovers he doesn't actually have much in common with her. But, being set in a traditional community in the late 50s, the couple is urged to make a go of it - with quite drastic consequences. 


Books 2 and 3, follow on from the original story and - without taking away too much - minutes the further ups and downs of Vic's search for happiness.


Usually, I don't get engrossed in cheesy romance stories much - but this one actually managed to balance of cheese with humour and some really good writing. The story always came across as believable. The storytelling is quite understated and this fits in perfectly with the Yorkshire setting. I really enjoyed this.


So, good choice, Mum!