Trinidad's Doctor's Office

Trinidad's Doctor's Office - Vincent Tothill

I read this book a little while ago but could not find the time write a review.


Trouble is, with the winter fast approaching, the cold and dark drawing in, Trinidad and the Caribbean as a whole has been on my mind a lot recently. Partly because I received my air miles statement and discovered that I could use them on flights to Jamaica, and partly because after reading Wide Sargasso Sea I just wanted to go. 


None of this has, of course, anything to do with the Trinidad's Doctor's Office, but it stirred my interest in the Carribean and when I read this review, I simply had to find out more about Trinidad's doctor, his patients, and most of all his recipe for rum punch.


What set this book apart from others for me, was that it had not been (or at least did not seem) edited for political correctness. And so the language and tone used sounds pretty authentic - which at times is funny (even though at times at the expense of local customs) and at times passionate.