Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things - Scarlett Thomas

Erm, ok – if you are dead set on reading this, you may want to know this:


First off, feel free to skip the Preface. It’s not just spoiling some of the story, it’s also very tedious. So, save your strength for the long, long, long and very tedious dialogues that are to follow in the never-ending Truth or Dare game.


Secondly, it might not be all wise to read this whilst sober or otherwise in a clear state of mind, especially not if you are a practical person. You know, one of those who is always thinking things through, looks for solutions and is capable of some foresight. This book may test your patience.

Otherwise, why would you go along with the notion that the first thing to do when you find yourself kidnapped with five strangers on an island is to drink some wine, smoke some dope, and play games?


And despite these obvious flaws, I found – to my own annoyance – that I had to finish it simply because I like a good mystery and after two thirds of the book I still couldn't figure what the book was about and if there was a story here to be told.


Having finished the story, I am reminded of a comment my mother made when I urged her to read a book that I was intensely keen on but which she couldn't stand:

“I must have missed that one important sentence.” Bright Young Things is a bit like this – there is one line which explained the story to me, and which made me think there is a point to the book – even though the message is somewhat bleak, and yes, again, tedious: 'We’re only in our twenties, but we've already overdosed on the world.’