Reading progress update: I've read 34%.

Frieda: the original Lady Chatterley - Annabel Abbs

Well, the book has been ridiculous in parts so far, but Frieda's latest mission takes the biscuit:


Feeling that her husband, too, should be freed from the shackles of matrimony pressed on him by the patriarchy, she sets up a woman to visit him and seduce him. 

The poor man knows nothing about this plan, of course. What is worse, it's very much not something he's looking for.


Erm,... uh,... WTF?


Btw, hubby is saved by fainting from what can only be described as a very sudden onset of double pneumonia...for which he has so far not shown any symptoms. You know, like a cough or anything.



I'm out.


DNF @ 35%.