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The Weather in the Streets - Rosamond Lehmann

‘I suppose you said I was your wife.’

‘Well, yes. It seemed less trouble than stating the exact position. Besides, it’s true, I presume, isn’t it?’

‘I suppose it is.’

They laughed.

‘His beard’, she said. ‘I thought I must be dreaming.’

‘I know. Superb.’

‘I should have thought a beard like that would interfere with his practice.’

‘Not in his heyday – I dare say it was an asset.’

‘It’s very odd: he’s exactly – in every respect – how I always imagined Dr Fell.’

They laughed again. 

Even in the most horrid circumstances, Lehmann makes her characters behave very human. And nothing says "we are out of our depth" as much as cracking a joke.
Hahaha. Dr Fell.
But which Dr Fell? The one from the nursery rhyme or the one from John Dickson Carr's mystery series?