Reading progress update: I've read 171 out of 320 pages.

Capital Crimes: London Mysteries - Various Authors, Martin Edwards

So far, I like the variety of authors that Martin Edwards has picked, but few of the stories have been fun reads:


The Magic Casket - R. Austin Freeman

An interesting concept. I liked the local colour of mentioning exhibits at the museum in South Kensington (now the V&A), but other than that the depiction of the Japanese gangsters makes this one another one that won't be all that memorable.


The Holloway Flat Tragedy - Ernest Bramah

This is not my first Bramah, but it is the first that I have DNF's even tho it is a short story. There is something about Bramah's writing and his Max Carrados stories that just bores me stiff. 

It's a pity, the setting around Holloway sounded promising.


The Magician Of Cannon Street - J. S. Fletcher

Interesting up to a point, but it's another story that features the "evil foreigner" trope. That's not unusual for a GA mystery but it does lessen my reading enjoyment. Meh.


The Stealer of Marble - Edgar Wallace

This was delightful. True to form Wallace with the smart, yet totally bonkers, solution. 


The Tea Leaf - Robert Eustace and Edgar Jepson

Fantastic. I loved this locked room mystery. Not dissimilar to the Wallace story that precedes it (The Stealer of Marble) but I loved that this one combines several elements I liked with good mystery that kept me guessing. 

To be fair, I did not expect anything less from Robert Eustace. :D


I'll probably finish the rest of the stories tomorrow or Monday.