Reading progress update: I've read 201 out of 376 pages.

Based on a True Story - Delphine de Vigan, George Miller

I started - finally!!! - on a new book today. Delphine de Vigan's "Based on a True Story". It is a little predictable and slow, but much less annoying than the Ware book. It also reminds me of Stephen King's film but I hope that there will be twists coming up that will make this book different.


This edition is not the edition I have, btw. My cover is nicer. But with all the BL slowness, indeed unresponsiveness, I am not even going to try to add my edition to the database. 

It's taken far too long to even add the book to my currently reading shelf AND add a reading update!


The whole BL mess is seriously frustrating me right now. I don't want to leave, but I now too fear that the platform may no longer be sustainable as my main bookish home. :(