Reading progress update: I've read 340 out of 455 pages.

Girl, Woman, Other - Bernardine Evaristo

Right. I'll stop here for tonight or else would feel compelled to finish the book before morning, and I really want to have this book to go back to for at least another day. 


I know that some readers will be put off by the author's choice to omit capital letters and full stops, but I found that this has not impeded my reading experience in any way at all. 

If anything, I do see how it works well for the portrayal of characters who require that they are not bound or restrained by the confines of a certain style imposed on them. I guess that this may be part of the author's choice, but I don't know.

And while I equally would argue that punctuation and capital letters are probably not the adversaries of life or story-telling, there is something fun in having to engage in a text from a fresh perspective, just as it is fun to approach the life stories told in this book from a place of no preconceptions or expectations. 


Anyway, I'm really enjoying this book and I look forward to seeing how they all come together at the end.