Bookish Post...

So, erm, yes, a book haul may have happened recently...and the first lot of books has arrived over the last few days.

I mean, it's not that I need books because I am running out any time soon (haha), but ... I've been wanting to read more about and by Ellen Wilkinson ever since reading her The Division Bell Mystery

I also needed a paper copy of The Freaks of Mayfair because the audiobook I have of this is horrible and I think E.F. Benson may work better in actual book form here.

Lastly, Based on a True Story is - I think - a contemporary thriller, but I don't actually know much about it (and want to keep it this way). I simply look forward to it because French contemporary thrillers are outwith my usual reading habits. It's an adventure if you like.


There will be a second lot of books at some point. I may have gone a bit wild.