Reading progress update: I've read 14%.

In a Dark, Dark Wood - Ruth Ware

‘Um, OK,’ Nina said. But I knew what she was thinking. What had been alarming about Flo wasn’t her reserve about what happened after uni – that was the least odd part of the whole thing. It was everything else that had been unnerving.

Oh, this is promising. This is really promising. 


I have so many questions, but they are all signs of being hooked by the story such as - what do all of these people at the hen weekend have in common when some of them are not even sure they are talking about the same person when talking about the bride? Where actually is the bride? Shouldn't she be there already?


I also keep comparing this book with Lucy Foley's The Hunting Party. I can already see how Ware's writing is so, so much better than Foley's. For a start, she can write believable characters and even better I don't want to push all of them off a cliff. (Yet.)