Reading progress update: I've read 33 out of 174 pages.

Tell It to a Stranger - Elizabeth Berridge

I've been doing rather well with my Mt. TBR challenge this month, but I still hadn't touched any of the lovely Persephone books on my shelf. 

This lunchtime I picked up Tell It to a Stranger, a collection of short stories, and found it very hard to put the book down once my lunch break was over. 


I can already tell that I like Berridge's writing. It is even-handed and consistent, and although the stories I have read can hardly be described as cheerful, there is some quiet optimism in them.

What I have enjoyed most so far, however, have been Berridges observations. 


"The old lady shook her head. That's the way it goes, from generation to generation, she was thinking. The young one setting up new values which are as old as the sun, kicking away from the parents as a child kicks from the womb." (The Bare Tree)