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Die Pendragon Legende - Antal Szerb

Well, this has turned into quite an odd story. If there was a dog in the cast of characters, I would describe this a the original Scooby Doo story:


We have our MC (Janos Batky), a young Hungarian scholar, and a new acquaintance visiting the Earl of Gwynedd. On the way, they also bump into the Earl's nephew, who is also headed to the ancestral castle in North Wales.


Once arrived at the castle, we have the mystery of a masonic cult of immortality (don't ask...), death threats, spooky goings on at the castle after nightfall, crypts, a secret laboratory, and an old woman who provides a prophecy.


This is fun. But it also quite odd.

I'm really intrigued as to where this is all going


Oh, but one thing is for sure, our MC, Janos, is adorable:

"We had reached the library.

It was an extremely long and narrow room, with countless books lining the walls, the majority in the uniform binding embossed with the Pendragon-Rosicrucian coat of arms.

I was filled with the tenderness I always feel—and which nothing can match—when I encounter so many books together. At moments like these I long to wallow, to bathe in them, to savour their wonderful, dusty, old-book odours, to inhale them through my very pores."