Maybe I've finally cracked, maybe I just needed something quick that I could make for lunch, but today I finally ended up using some couscous I found in my kitchen cupboard. 


Let's be honest, it was at the very back of the cabinet...but it was still in date.


Now, I tried as best as I could to soak it in flavours (a stock cube came in very handy), then just added more flavours at it, and possibly used a novelty combination of spice mixes that were also hiding at the back of the cabinet (let's not talk about their use-by dates). 


Anyway, I ended up with a quick lunch that was not too bad, but it also made me wonder:


What do you all use to make couscous taste less like cardboard and more like ... anything at all?


(Couscous, mystery spices, olives, red onion, tomatoes, olive oil, salt)