Snowball Earth

Snowball Earth: The Story of the Great Global Catastrophe That Spawned Life as We Know It - Gabrielle Walker

I had this book on my to-read shelf for years, after I read about another book by the same author.


The other book is on my to-read shelf, too, but I am now not sure I want to start it - ever...


It's not that I hated the book but I just got bored with about a third way in. I am not a geologist and have no special interest in the details of how a theory was attempted, then disproved, then proved again over time - had hoped the story would be about the phenomenon of "snowball earth" rather than the personal life stories of the geologists involved in proving and disproving different theories in connection with snowball earth.


Also the tone of the book grated on me - every story seemed to be told with overly dramatic effect - like a bad TV documentary.