Remembrance (Dream Master) - Theresa Breslin

Quite honestly, I had not heard of Theresa Breslin and I hadn't read any of the reviews of Remembrance before I read it. So, it was a bit of an unexpected read when I noticed this is a YA novel.


However, it was a thoroughly enjoyable book about a group of teenagers who are thrown into the insanity of the First World War. Had I read this as a kid, I probably would have enjoyed it more, and could have ignored the contrived storylines that obviously contained every imaginable conflict that society went through in the course of the war.


In short, this obviously is a book that aims to educate young readers about the historical facts. It also tries to convey a plethora of ideas and issues to young readers - from emancipation to pacifism. The only problem I had with the book is that it tries a little too hard at times.