The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt

I picked up The Sisters Brothers purely because of the fantastic cover.

However, I didn't recognise the shapes on the covers at gun-slinging cowboy types, so I was quite surprised when the story started be set in the "wild west" of the Californian gold rush. Had I known this, I probably would have missed out on this through and through fun and fabulous story of Eli and Charlie, the hired assassins who embark on a journey to finish a "job" and find more than they bargained for on the way.


The relationship between the brothers - which is testing at times - gives the story some depth but doesn't detract from the entertaining episodes that Eli and Charlie seem to tumble into. Actually, the two characters - Eli trying to calm down both his and his brother's temper, and Charlie stirring things up a bit- balance out nicely and add to the galloping pace.


Best read while listening to the Magnificent Seven soundtrack.


Warning: Do not read any passages of this book aloud while in the ear-shot of a horse. It will not thank you.