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Things in Jars - Jess Kidd

I've put this quote behind spoilers because this is exceedingly gross but it also made me laugh out loud because I am reminded of a discussion here on Booklikes a few years ago about the worst things one can do with jelly.


Seriously, don't click the spoiler if you are eating or intending to eat or ... you know ... are otherwise inclined to react to descriptions of gory grossness.


‘Then he lopped the doctor’s head off with the doctor’s own saw,’ he recounts. ‘And then – now here’s a puzzle – he sent the doctor’s noodle to the chef at Claridge’s. He requested that it be set in aspic.’


‘But then Mr Hoy and I realised: it’s a blue blood thing. Sir Edmund’s ancestors would have taken the heads of their foes on the battlefield and, really, what don’t nobs put in aspic?’

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