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Cat Among the Pigeons - Agatha Christie

‘New staff is always upsetting,’ said Miss Bulstrode.

‘Yes,’ agreed Miss Chadwick eagerly. ‘I’m sure it’s nothing more than that. By the way, that new gardener is quite young. So unusual nowadays. No gardeners seem to be young. A pity he’s so good-looking. We shall have to keep a sharp eye open.’


The two ladies nodded their heads in agreement. They knew, none better, the havoc caused by a good-looking young man to the hearts of adolescent girls.

Ah, Christie and her mockery of gardeners. This is the second mention in this book alone.


Anyway, it is interesting what a re-read, even a repeated re-read of this particular book brings to light: 


This is not a favourite Christie for me by any stretch. It's full of snobishness, an implausible plot, and comments that really make me suck my teeth. 

But then there are elements that cancel out all of that. Miss Bulstrode is one of them, but there are others.