Reading progress update: I've read 92 out of 304 pages.

The Western Wind - Samantha Harvey

"I was famished, the brief famishment I always had when I woke up. As if, each dawn, my body was petulant about rising again and threw a newborn's rage - feed me! It was a feeling that was always eased quickly with a mouthful or two of bread."

He's hungry for some breakfast. I get it. 


As mentioned earlier, the prose in this is of the purple persuasion. It's testing my patience, even tho it is quite successful in creating a gloomy atmosphere of a plague-ridded village that seems to be obsessed with cheese-making, candle-hoarding, and confessing to crimes they haven't committed.


We still have a character that wants someone to blame for the alleged death of the alleged victim - unless I have missed it, we still have no body, and the only time we "saw" the body was in the middle of a dark and wet night, and even then the person who saw it isn't sure. 


No, all we have still, is a missing man and a green shirt.


This is not going to be a favourite book. At this point, I am mostly interested in seeing what the author is trying to achieve with the symmetric chapters and the inversed timeline.

Oh, have I mentioned, yet, that this story is told backwards? 

We start on Day 4 after, I presume, the main event, and then get to visit the days that preceded Day 4. It's all very experimental.


And to be fair, that part is keeping me reading. I only wish it were executed by an author who is less prone to wordy celebrations of the inane, and who paid more attention to detail when it comes to historical facts and settings.