Reading progress update: I've read 92%.

Tenant for Death - Cyril Hare

But it was Sergeant Frant, not Inspector Mallett, who was to make an arrest that day. His incessant labours had borne fruit. They had, to begin with, brought about a considerable liveliness in a quiet part of Yorkshire, involving not only the police, but also doctors, clergymen, registrars and asylum officials.


Hahaha. This little diversion made me laugh because it reminds me of a favourite Christie plot. 


As for Tenant for Death, I detected a meandering plot about 33% into the book, but had high hopes that Hare would keep this to a minimum. Meandering plots seem to have been a go to m.o. for GA mysteries, but I am not a fan of the plodding detective story that loses itself in an abundance of red herrings and characters. Unfortunately, Hare's first book seems to have gone down that route, too. 


However, I don't remember that either of the other two mysteries I have read by the author suffered  from this. On the contrary, I remember enjoying them very much.