Act 3, Scene 4

Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare

OLIVIA: Wilt thou go to bed, Malvolio?

MALVOLIO (kissing his hand): To bed?

'Ay, sweetheart, and I'll come to thee."

OLIVIA:God comfort thee.

Why dost thou smile so, and kiss thy hand so oft?

MARIA: How do you, Malvolio?

MALVOLIO: At your request?—yes, nightingales answer daws.

MARIA: Why appear you with this ridiculous boldness before my lady?

MALVOLIO: 'Be not afraid of greatness'—'twas well writ.

OLIVIA: What meanest thou by that, Malvolio?

MALVOLIO: 'Some are born great'—


MALVOLIO: 'Some achieve greatness'—

OLIVIA: What sayst thou?

MALVOLIO: 'And some have greatness thrust upon them.'

OLIVIA: Heaven restore thee.

MALVOLIO: 'Remember who commended thy yellow stockings'—

OLIVIA: 'Thy yellow stockings'?

MALVOLIO: 'And wished to see thee cross-gartered.'

OLIVIA: 'Cross-gartered'?

MALVOLIO: 'Go to, thou art made, if thou desirest to be SO.'

OLIVIA: Am I made?

MALVOLIO: 'If not, let me see thee a servant still.'

OLIVIA: Why, this is very midsummer madness.



Malvolio is clearly confused about which play he is in.