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True Grit - Donna Tartt, Charles Portis

I said, “Well, what are you going to do? You cannot carry water on both shoulders.”

“We will get your man,” said he. “That is the main thing.”

“Let me have my twenty-five dollars. Hand it over.”

“I have spent it all.”

“You sorry piece of trash!”

“I will try and get it back to you. I will send it to you.”

“That’s a big story! If you think you are going to cheat me like this you are mistaken! You have not seen the last of Mattie Ross, not by a good deal!”

I was so mad I could have bitten my tongue off. Sterling Price the cat sensed my mood and he tucked his ears back and scampered from my path, giving me a wide berth.

LoL. Ok, this made me laugh. The interaction a between Mattie and Rooster is fun.