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The Monogram Murders - Sophie Hannah

Poirot nodded his agreement.

‘Fee Spring, the waitress from Pleasant’s—she told me that Jennie suffered a heartbreak in her past. I wonder what it was.’

‘Haven’t we just answered that question?’ I said. ‘It must have been leaving Samuel Kidd behind.’

‘I think it is more likely to have been the death of Patrick Ive, the man Jennie truly loved. Incidentally, I am certain that this is why she altered her way of speaking: to sound more like someone of his class, in the hope that he might see her as an equal and not merely as a servant.’

That Patrick must have been one hot vicar judging by the masses of women who fell so passionately in love with him that they all completely lost their minds.


Seriously, tho, the backstory in this mystery is utterly ridiculous. 


It also does not portray women in a light that I would expect from a Christie novel.

I'm seriously fed up with the notion that none of these women had any other drive in life than to marry that one vicar.

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Seriously. WTF?