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The Monogram Murders - Sophie Hannah

‘I think you must go back to the hotel,’ said Poirot. He meant immediately. I shuddered at the memory of those three rooms.

‘First thing tomorrow will be soon enough,’ I said, studiously avoiding his gleaming eyes. ‘I should tell you, I’m not going to make a fool of myself by bringing up this Jennie person. It would only confuse everybody. You have come up with a possible meaning for what she said and I have come up with another. Yours is the more interesting, but mine is twenty times more likely to be correct.’

‘It is not,’ came the contradiction.

‘We shall have to disagree about it,’ I said firmly. ‘If we were to ask a hundred people, they would all agree with me and not with you, I suspect.’

Eh? What is this arguement even about?


Btw, so far I am picturing this story in black and white, with all of the characters either smoking or drinking bourbon, or both.


As @Lillelara as said already, this does not even come close Dame Agatha's writing. There is something very gritty about this. Christie could be very dark, but not gritty. 

However, so far this might be something lending itself to being directed by Sarah Phelps.


It's not horrible, but it's no patch on the original.


Also, I have a hunch about Catchpool, HP's Inspector friend.