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The Well of Lost Plots  - Jasper Fforde

‘Wuthering Heights was the only novel written by Emily Brontë, which some say is just as well, and others, a crying shame. Quite what she would have written had she lived longer is a matter of some conjecture; given Emily’s strong-willed and passionate character, probably more of the same. But one thing is certain; whatever feelings are aroused in the reader by Heights, whether sadness for the ill-matched lovers, irritability at Catherine’s petulant ways or even profound rage at how stupid Heathcliff’s victims can act as they meekly line up to be abused, one thing is for sure: the evocation of a wild and windswept place that so well reflects the destructive passion of the two central characters is captured here brilliantly – and some would say, it has not been surpassed.’


"Wuthering Heights: Masterpiece or Turgid Rubbish?"



Yeah, there is a clear lack of plot in this but I have to admit that I have laughed out loud quite a few times at the way that various fictional characters interact in this book.