Reading progress update: I've read 195 out of 359 pages.

Der Weltverbesserer: Sämtliche Erzählungen 1910-18 - Volker Michels, Hermann Hesse

This collection of Hesse's early short stories has been a solid read so far. It has been fun to see him develop as a writer - from early short stories that deal with issues of society and conforming to rules, to later stages that include aspects of coming of age and hints of existential angst. 

There were a couple of stories where I was reminded of the mindset of the protagonist of Unterm Rad (Beneath the Wheel), which was my gateway drug to Hesse. 

So, I have a fondness for these stories. 


Unfortunately, my reading enjoyment is suffering a little from the external circumstances at the moment. 

This is not a great time to read an author who specialises in portraying anxiety and existential despair. 


Still, I am not abandoning the book or setting it aside. I've come to the part where his stories are reflecting some of the major events of his time - i.e. WWI. - and I don't believe I have read anything by Hesse from that era before.

So, I am intrigued, but I am also approaching the last 160 pages of this collection with some hesitation.