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No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

‘For God’s sake, don’t encourage her!’ said Hugh.

‘Yes, I thought somehow you wouldn’t be wanting me any longer,’ said Hemingway. ‘Intuition, they call it. I’ll be saying good morning to you, sir. I dare say we’ll meet again sometime or another.’

Hugh nodded to him, and turned back to Vicky.

‘Come on, explain this act! What are you supposed to be doing?’

‘I’m buying a saddle of mutton. And talking of mutton—’

‘Yes, you can cut that bit. I know it. I remind you of a sheep. Your chauffeur seems to me to be buying the mutton. Did you swank into the village in that car just to play at being a wealthy widow?’

‘Or a notorious woman,’ said Vicky.

Hahaha. I'm still loving this, even tho I have no idea even now whether my suspicions will be proved right.