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No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

Oh, I didn't not expect this. 

‘Then what the devil takes her to Palings?’ demanded Sir William.

‘God, apparently. It’s all right, dear; I’m not being profane. Connie’s been Changed. She’s got under God-Control, or something, and she says what the world needs is God-guided citizens, and if you learn Absolute Love you don’t mind about Ermyntrude’s accent, or Wally Carter’s habits.’

‘Gone Groupy, has she?’ said Hugh. ‘How rotten for Tom!’

‘Well, it is rather, because Connie’s started forgiving him for all sorts of things he never knew he’d done. We’re hoping that she’ll get over it quickly, because she’s president of the Women’s Conservative Association, besides running the Mothers, and the Village Club, and now that she’s a God-guided citizen she simply hasn’t a moment to attend to Good Works. I don’t know why it is, but when people get Changed they never seem to be as nice as they were before.’

‘Tomfoolery!’ said Sir William. ‘I thought she had more sense!’

The characters in this one are very entertaining so far.