Next in the Ides of March ... and all of April Project

A Thousand Ships - Natalie Haynes

A Thousand Ships comes highly recommended after @Lillelara finished it and liked it only a few days ago. 


I read Haynes' The Amber Fury last month and really loved her style, so I hope that this one is equally thrilling.


Despite the weird times that we find ourselves in, I am still pressing on with my current reading projects, even if the Ides of March...and all of April project will, no doubt, make for some dark and challenging reading. I mean, A Thousand Ships itself starts with a scene right in the middle of the siege of Troy, in city that is burning, amidst a people in distress.


I'll probably need to lighten this up in between reads, but all I am looking for right now is a book that transports me into a story.