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No Tears for Hilda: Max Easterbrook Investigates - Andrew Garve

‘There can’t be,’ said [x] in a hoarse voice. Specks of moisture glistened on his forehead.

‘I tell you I wasn’t there.’

‘You might just as well admit it,’ said Max inexorably. ‘You know you did it. You know, and I know, and [y] knows. The knowledge is in your heart. You can’t conceal it. What are you going to gain by waiting? The police will turn you inside out. They’ll question and probe, and you’ll twist and turn, and in the end they’ll bring it home to you. Don’t underrate them, [x]. You may think now that the evidence is thin, but they’ll build it up item by item and in the end they’ll get you.’

Oh, sure, underpin a whole lot of non-existing evidence with a forced confession based on absolutely nothing. Max is such a blundering idiot.


Also, what was the motive again?