Reading progress update: I've read 38%.

No Tears for Hilda: Max Easterbrook Investigates - Andrew Garve

Ok, I am back to No Tears for Hilda, which ended up quite unexpectedly causing @Tigus to 1*-star it yesterday.

I need to know what happened. 

Apparently it was quite shockingly bad.


So, I am back to reading this and I can only confirm my earlier assessment that the depiction of women in this book is atrocious:


We have Hilda, who by all means is portrayed as a difficult person:


She's a wife who is not very interested in her husband, which apparently is enough to damn her.

She's also not interested in wearing make-up or "making an effort" to look nice, which leads other characters to regard her as unnatural.

She's a mother who apparently smothers her daughter, which entirely despicable - except that now I have "met" the daughter, I am not sure how Hilda didn't slap her every time she opened her mouth. 

She's a woman who holds her own opinions and does not take advice from random people who profess to know better than her. How dare she?


To be fair, there is something about Hilda that reminds me of one of literature's most deserving victim ever in Christie's Appointment with Death, but at this point I cannot be sure whether this similarity only exists because this is how the other characters describe her. I have not yet met a character who seems to be a reliable narrator.


Right now, a number of characters need to be kicked in the shin, imo.

That includes anyone who is looking to the babble of pop psychology that is being spouted by some of the characters...or possibly the the root of Hilda's "evil" personality.

Again, I am not saying that she was blameless or without faults, but the next character that tries to explain her personality and issues as caused by an unsatisfactory sex-life should get punched in the throat.


Oh, and btw, this is not a book I would recommend. I am only reading this right now because I want to know what happened to Hilda and what caused @Tigus to 1*-star this book in the end.