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The Case Is Closed - Patricia Wentworth

And we're off...

Miss Silver dropped her knitting in her lap and folded her hands upon it.    

‘Let us understand one another, Captain Cunningham,’ she said in her quiet voice. ‘If you employ me, you will be employing me to discover facts. If I discover anything about these people, you will have the benefit of my discovery. It may be what you are expecting, or it may not. People are not always pleased to know the truth.’ Miss Silver nodded her head in a gentle depreciating manner. ‘You’ve no idea how often that happens. Very few people want to know the truth. They wish to be confirmed in their own opinions, which is a very different thing – very different indeed. I cannot promise that what I discover will confirm you in your present opinion.’ She gave a slight hesitating cough and began to knit again. ‘I have always had my own views about the Everton Case.’

I'm going to take a break to make dinner. I predict that it would be unwise to continue on an empty stomach.