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The Case Is Closed - Patricia Wentworth

"Hilary, was, of course, the disturbing factor. Hilary had been immensely keen about their running the antique business together. He had practically made up his mind then. But if Hilary was off, he felt like being off too – off to the ends of the earth as far as possible from Hilary Carew, and from his mother who never saw him without telling him what an escape he had had. With inward rage Henry was aware that he had not escaped, and that he had no desire to escape. Hilary had behaved atrociously – he used her own words – but he hadn’t the slightest intention of letting her get away with it. He was leaving her alone because he was angry, and because she deserved to be left alone. When she had been punished sufficiently and was properly humble and penitent he meant to forgive her. At least that is what it all looked like in the daytime, but at night it didn’t seem quite so easy. Suppose Hilary wouldn’t make it up. Suppose she had got really entangled with that swine Basil Montague. Suppose – suppose – suppose he had lost her  . . ."

And they say romance is dead... ;D


Also, I'm glad Henry hasn't featured much so far.