Reading progress update: I've read 3%.

The Case Is Closed - Patricia Wentworth

Yeah, I got side-tracked and didn't get to start this when I meant to. Also, I had to read the first parts twice as I had difficulty getting into the story. 


We've now met Miss Silver. She's not been introduced by name, but I recognise her, suppressing her cough already.

In these times, this reads like a horror novel:

"There had been two other people in the carriage when she got in. They were occupying the inside corner seats, and they had made no more impression on her than if they had been two suitcases. Now, as she turned round, she saw that one of them, a man, had pushed back the sliding door and was going out into the corridor. He passed along it and out of sight, and almost immediately the woman who had been sitting opposite him moved in her seat and leaned a little forward, looking hard at Hilary. She was an elderly woman, and Hilary thought she looked very ill. She had on a black felt hat and a grey coat with a black fur collar – the neat inconspicuous clothes of a respectable woman who has stopped bothering about her appearance, but is tidy from habit and training. Under the dark brim her hair, face, and eyes were of a uniform greyish tint.    

Hilary said, ‘I’ve got into the wrong train. It sounds awfully stupid, but if you could tell me where we’re going – I don’t even know that.’    

A curious little catch came up in the woman’s throat."

Also, as an update on the Miss Silver drinking game: I am not counting a catch in her throat as a cough, so no wine, yet. ;)