Reading progress update: I've read 98 out of 222 pages.

Towards Zero - Agatha Christie

As this is a re-read, I'm not having any big surprises with the story. 

However, I love re-reading Dame Agatha's books because there are so many details that get lost on the first read when my main focus is on solving the puzzle. 


Things that I have loved so far:


- Character X. At this point in the story, every single character is a suspect, so I will not name my favourite one, because it may be a spoiler.


- The way that Christie created an atmosphere in this one. This is almost a closed setting, but it is not as closed off and claustrophobic as being stuck on a train or a boat or in a country house. However, Christie managed to sneak in a few elements from her supernatual stories (i.e. quite a lot of her non-super-sleuth stories have a supernatural element, and are quite dark). In this one, we have a nurse (side character) who is from a family that has "the sight" run in it, and we have a scene where some of the characters who create a lot tension read each other's palms.


- I love the way that Christie explores psychology in this one. All of the characters at some point ponder about how people react in different circumstances.