Such a weird day...

What I thought was going to happen yesterday, happened today because we/the company I work for needed an additional day to get organised: Almost all of our 200 office staff will be working from home so everyone dismantled IT equipment this afternoon. It was so surreal seeing lines of people walking equipment off to their cars this afternoon. Very orderly, very calmly.

It is such a weird notion that we will probably not see each other for weeks, if not months.


Any way, here I am thinking about what audiobooks to line up for the extended stretch of working from home. It cannot be too heavy or requiring a lot of focus, because I do need to be able to work while listening. 


I'm thinking long books that I'd have otherwise put off. I'm thinking classics that I haven't gotten around to, yet. And I am thinking favourite re-reads/re-listens. 


I'm also thinking about using this time as an opportunity to set up a new morning routine - one that is not wake up, stress about the time, find clean clothes, and rush into work while chewing on a biscuit.


So, I am intending on using some time in the morning to go for a short walk before engaging in full-on work problems. 

Then do the same at lunchtime: spend some time outside, even if it is a 20 minute walk down to the beach and back. 


I loved seeing OB's post earlier today, and I may feel inspired to take up the "clean one thing" challenge, too. 


What else are you guys doing to keep you sane while isolating yourselves from the rest of the world?