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The Amber Fury - Natalie Haynes

‘I’m so sorry. Have you spoken to him? Is he OK?’

Jono shrugged.

‘He texted. Says it’s not as bad as last time.’

I nodded, not wanting to give away the fact that I didn’t know he’d been in an institution already.

‘Well, I think we should probably decide what we’re going to read next, shouldn’t we? Then when Ricky comes back, we can tell him about it, and he’ll catch up easily.’

Though Annika’s eyebrows shot up above her glasses and I could see she was considering telling me what a pointless delusion this was, she said nothing.

‘Is there a play any of you would particularly like to do next?’

Last time, I’d let Carly choose, so it was someone else’s turn.

‘What’s your favourite?’ Mel asked.

I thought for a moment. ‘I like the Oresteia,’ I told her. ‘It’s about families – parents and children and how they cope with one another. And it’s about revenge and retribution.’


Erm, really? Did Alex think this through? We're talking about a group of 15-year-olds with a history of violence, and much of the Oresteia seems to me to spend time in various characters' head JUSTIFYING VIOLENCE!!!


I can see this go horribly wrong. I really can. 


But we shall see. I really have no idea where this is going and I am loving it.