Reading progress update: I've read 47 out of 223 pages.

The Burden - Mary Westmacott, Agatha Christie

I know I was tired last night when I started listening to the audiobook, but even when looking at this story while perfectly awake and caffeinated, I have no idea what Dame Agatha was thinking when she decided this was a book she wanted to write? 


I'm baffled. What themes are we exploring here? 


And if the themes I am thinking of - children's first encounters with life, death, and religion - are the themes she wanted to write about, then:


1) Why????

2) I don't think this book is for me.

3) I am sure this could have been done better. 

4) I know Dame Agatha could have done a better job at this. I mean, just look at  Five Little Pigs or ... any of her other great character-driven books.

5) WHY???


This book is odd, and really twee, and ... just ... very Victorian and so very removed from natural life. 


I am not sure what I am reading and why I am reading this. Other than this is the first Westmacott novel.

Maybe she was still trying to find her feet as a non-mystery writer?

Maybe she was trying too hard?


I have no answers. 

I'm not sure I want answers.


If this book does not change, this may well end up as my final review.


I am so grateful that I was able to get this one from the library.